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Scandals, Vandals, and Da Vincis

Scandals, Vandals, and Da Vincis
A Gallery of Remarkable Art Tales

Caravaggios, Rembrandts, Manets -- the works of immortal artists such as these are indelibly imprinted in the public mind; they are priceless masterpieces whose beauty, artistry, and emotional impact have inspired admiration, awe, and envy through the centuries.


Jumbo's Hide, Elvis's Ride, and the Tooth of Buddha


Jumbo's Hide, Elvis's Ride, and the Tooth of Buddha
More Marvelous Tales of Historical Artifacts

Published in hardcover by Henry Holt in 2000 (ISBN 0-8050-5683-1); published in paperback by Owl Books in 2001 (ISBN 0-8050-5684-X); 372 pages

  • Amazon.com “Editor’s Pick”
  • A selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club's Quality Paperback Club (QPC)
  • Adapted for The History Channel's smash-hit series “History's Lost and Found”

“In an irresistible, edifying romp through the centuries, Rachlin uses artifacts as portals to the past as he skips from a venerated tooth preserved in a Sri Lankan temple, believed to have come from Buddha’s mouth, to the metal folding table on which the Japanese signed the WWII surrender documents in 1945 and the Apollo 13 command module that carried astronauts through a scorching re-entry . . . The basis for a new History Channel prime-time series, this sequel to Rachlin’s Lucy’s Bones, Sacred Stones, and Einstein’s Brain is a grab bag with something for every taste. The best sections are astute mini-essays that enlighten and entertain, whether Rachlin is discussing Freud’s couch for his patients, George Washington’s schoolboy copybooks, silver “peace pipes” bestowed on reluctant Native American tribes in 1814, Beethoven’s ear trumpets or ENIAC, the wartime computer unveiled in 1946, which ushered in the information age. Rachlin’s masterful grasp of the material, his employment of rich historical context and his storytelling flair make history come alive.”
--Publishers Weekly, starred review

“From Galileo’s finger to Zimmermann’s Telegram, this is the literary garage sale every history buff needs to see.”
--The Quality Paperback Book Club Review

“Fans of Rachlin’s Lucy’s Bones, Sacred Stones, and Einstein’s Brain will be delighted to learn there’s a new collection of stories about historical curiosities . . . Each short essay . . . contains a wealth of fascinating historical information: beginning with the particular, Rachlin moves effortlessly to the universal, educating his readers while he entertains them. The artifacts he discusses aren’t just valuable collector’s items; they’re small, yet extremely influential parts of history. A wonderful book.”
--Booklist (American Library Association)

“Enchanting and informative . . . a fact filled filed trip to a museum.”

“Wild and woolly . . . It’s a fun one.”
--Dayton Daily News

“I know of no recent book that more engagingly delivers the fire of delight than can only be ignited by the collision of the elegantly arcane and the illustriously ridiculous . . . [a] charming collection of memorabilia and exquisite trivia.”
--Michael Pakenham, The Baltimore Sun

“A bodacious artifactual romp through history . . . Most of Rachlin’s 42 relics are fascinating enough to make his survey the literary equivalent of visits to a Ripley’s exhibit and a wax museum.”
--Kirkus Reviews


Lucy's Bones, Sacred Stones, and Einstein's Brain


Lucy's Bones, Sacred Stones, and Einstein's Brain
Marvelous Tales of Historical Artifacts

Published in hardcover (ISBN 0-8050-3964-3) by Henry Holt in 1996; published in paperback by Owl Books in 1996 (ISBN 0-8050-3965-1) and in 2000 (ISBN 0-8050-6406-0); 402 pages

  • Natural History magazine “Pick”
  • Recommended in H. W. Wilson Company’s Senior High School Library Catalog and Public Library Catalog
  • Selection of Barnes & Noble print catalog
  • Listed in Best Books for Young Adult Readers, Grades 7-12
  • Featured in Newsday, Part 2 (entertainment section) Cover Story
  • Published in Korea (Sejong) and Germany (DTV)
  • A selection of the Book-of-the Month Club’s History Book Club
  • Included in The Reader's Catalog (Second Edition) of the “Best Books in Print”
  • Excerpted in Hippocrates magazine
  • Parade Magazine “What’s Up This Week” book
  • Feature articles about author in The Boston Herald, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Coral Springs Forum
  • Inspired feature article by Richard Foster in Richmond Magazine's 2003 Sourcebook: "With a nod to the wonderful books of Harvey Rachlin ("Jumbo's Hide, Elvis's Ride, and the Tooth of Buddha" and "Lucy's Bones, Sacred Stones, and Einstein's Brain") and the great History Channel TV show History's Lost and Found (winner of the Cine Gold Eagle Award for "Best History Series"), we give our accounts of some little-known but fascinating historical artifacts to be found within Richmond."
  • Author appearance on The Late, Late Show With Tom Snyder, CBS Television Network
  • Adapted for the History Channel’s smash-hit series “History's Lost and Found”
  • History's Lost and Found won the Cine Gold Eagle Award for “Best History Series”

“Every so often a book comes along that provides what one might call a condensed version of the Smithsonian Institution, that is, a guide to some of the odder and more amusing byways of historical research. Just so, in Rachlin’s diverting volume.”
--The Washington Post Book World

“A museum in pages.”
--The Orlando Sentinel

“The book . . . is either on the list (or very close to it) of the best dozen books I ever read. ‘Fascinating’ is a good word for it. So is ‘intriguing’. And ‘spellbinding’ or ‘captivating’ or even ‘beguiling’ if you’re trying to describe the book, because it really is a prize . . . I’ll tell you this. I’ve read, I suppose, far more than a thousand books and I never read a better one.”
--Broox Sledge, The Lamar Democrat and Sulligent News

“It reads like a collection of plot summaries for future Indiana Jones movies. Rachlin manages to give the book enough teeth to please both a history buff and a National Enquirer enthusiast.”
--Los Angeles Reader

“A fascinating trivia book . . . sprightly and often witty . . . soundly researched.”
--Library Journal

“Engagingly readable . . . but just as engagingly researched . . . Next to these unlikely true tales . . . the tabloids seem almost lacking in imagination.”
--Bill Ruehlmann, The Virginian-Pilot

“Anyone who has ever thought that reading about history is dull should pick up a copy of Lucy’s Bones, Sacred Stones, and Einstein’s Brain: The Remarkable Stories Behind the Great Objects and Artifacts of History. In this wonderful book, author Harvey Rachlin has found a unique way to tell us about the past, by relating the fascinating stories behind more than 50 priceless objects that have come to represent a particular time or place . . . This is a terrific book. Rachlin is a lively writer, his subjects are provocative, and best of all, he has discovered a very effective way to explore history. It is truly enlightening to see the most important moments of the past come alive when we examine the artifacts that have survived to reveal the stories of their times.”
--Dorothy Rompalske, A&E Monthly

“Clear and straightforward . . . From the most holy to the most bizarre (sometimes combining the two), this book covers the breadth of human and pre-human history.”
--Charlotte Observer

“Thoroughly researched and entertainingly presented.”
--The Boston Sunday Herald

“This book is perfect for learning about well-known artifacts and miscellaneous historical stuff. The histories and legends are lively accounts of who, what, when, how, and sometimes why.”
--The Bloomsbury Review

“A pleasant diversion for both browsing and reference.”

“This is intriguing reading. Where else are you apt to find the skinny on the Book of Kells, the Hope Diamond and George Washington’s false teeth in one handy volume?”
--The Seattle Times

“Detailed and authoritative.”
--Parade Magazine

“In Lucy’s Bones, Sacred Stones, and Einstein’s Brain, author Harvey Rachlin unearths the whole truth about the past by examining the stories behind the historical effects we all know -- or think we know. Beginning in antiquity and moving right on through the space age, this book offers an irresistible look at the stuff of legends . . . With a traveling companion like Lucy’s Bones, Sacred Stones, and Einstein’s Brain, we can be sure that any voyage of historical discovery we embark upon will surely be an enjoyable one.”
--History Book Club Review

“By telling the stories behind some of the greatest artifacts of history, Rachlin has found a way to animate the past . . . From antiquity to the modern era, this is a unique introduction to some of history's critical moments.”
--The Reader's Catalog (Second Edition)

“A series of historical vignettes which illuminate the story connected to some 50 relics dating from antiquity to the present.”
--Reference & Research Book News

--Science Books & Films (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

“Provides a series of entertaining and educational essays on familiar and obscure objects associated with world events and renown personages which history buffs and the popular reading audience alike will enjoy learning more about.”
--Steven K. Rogstad, Lincoln Herald

“Entertaining and enlightening . . . a pageant of human aspiration, achievement, obsession and belief.”
--Publishers Weekly



The Making of a Detective

Published in hardcover by W. W. Norton in 1995 (ISBN 0-393-03797-5); published in paperback by Dell in 1996 (ISBN 0-440-22316-4); 320 pages

  • Featured on Good Morning America on November 9, 1995 with Joan Lunden and Charles Gibson
  • Winner of special award from the NYPD Retired Detectives Association (“Presented to Harvey Rachlin, author of The Making of a Detective, for telling a story with compassion, humor, dignity, and above all, professionalism of the kind of detective New York City Police Department is proud of”)
  • Feature article about author and subject of book in The New York Times

“The career of a New York City police officer -- in particular a homicide detective -- has never been more graphically or expertly related than in this probing look at David Carbone by the author of The Making of a Cop.”
--Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Harvey Rachlin’s nonfictional The Making of a Detective expertly chronicles the career of Dave Carbone from beginner to seasoned, sharp, experienced detective . . . Rachlin was given unprecedented cooperation by the New York City Police Department, the 75th Precinct Squad and Carbone. He deserves the trust extended to him. This is an in-depth, exciting, unsettling account of the real daily life of those who undertake one of society’s least pleasant but most necessary jobs.”
--Dorothy Uhnak, The Washington Post

“Rachlin was granted extraordinary access to the police department and spent two years following Carbone through his paces in the bloody 75th Precinct, located in Brooklyn’s East New York . . . Superbly reported and competently written, a balanced account of big-city policing from the inside; it’s not NYPD Blue, it’s better.”
--Kirkus Reviews

“Harvey Rachlin’s The Making of a Cop is an exciting, compulsively readable true account of New York City homicide detective David Carbone’s education in murder on the streets of New York. Carbone is for real. So is the book.”
--Nicholas Pileggi, author of Wiseguy

The Making of a Detective is a real slice of police life. Reading it brought back vivid and fond memories of my days as a detective. Harvey Rachlin powerfully depicts Dave Carbone’s compelling journey, from the white shield of a street cop to the gold shield of a detective, through the mean streets of N.Y.C.”
--Sonny Grosso, “French Connection” detective

“The New York City Police Department owes a debt to Harvey Rachlin, as The Making of a Detective makes a formidable case for the people’s debt to the NYPD.”
--Carol O’Connell, author of Mallory’s Oracle

“True-crime fans who remember Rachlin’s The Making of a Cop will line up for this book.”
--Booklist (American Library Association)

“The book reveals a reality that even most experienced officers might not imagine. This hard-hitting account of the danger and violence involved in fighting urban crime also proves a compelling portrait of a tough, professional, yet compassionate detective . . . easy reading and hard to put down.”
--Law and Order

“Meticulous details . . . difficult to put down!”
--New York Daily News

“A cut above the others . . . vividly re-creates the feel of the streets. This will be a popular addition to true-crime and police collections.”
--Library Journal (a Library Journal Prepub Alert selection)

“Forget NYPD Blue -- and enter the real and dangerous world of Dave Carbone, homicide detective in ‘New York’s deadliest neighborhood.’ (New York Post) . . . Rachlin’s intimate and unvarnished account of Carbone’s education as a homicide detective on New York City’s meanest streets will transform you to places where few civilians have ever gone. It provides nonfiction reading at its most compelling.”
--The Gold Shield (Official Publication of the Detectives’ Endowment Association of the Police Department of the City of New York)

The Making of a Detective is electrifying and compelling; an unforgettable look at urban violence and urban policing. I expected nothing less from the talented Harvey Rachlin.”
--Police Times

“Realistic . . . dramatically re-created.”
--Journal Enquirer (Manchester, Conn.)

The Making of a Detective is a powerful portrayal of a world beyond the wildest thoughts of most ordinary, law-abiding people.”
--Birmingham (England) Post

“The book ripples with humor . . . a remarkable journey into the depths of the New York City Police Department.”
--American Police Beat

“In other hands, this work would inundate the reader with the repetitious recitation of one gory tale after another. Rachlin selects his episodes so as to illuminate another previously unexamined aspect of the art of detecting. The result is an exceptional look past the customary into the life of an urban policeman who carries the coveted detective’s shield.”
--Magill Book Review

“Imagine NYPD Blue in print. The Making Of A Detective is a compelling read in straightforward language which causes the reader to continually remind themselves what they are reading is real, not fiction. Author Harvey Rachlin follows the career of real-life Detective David Carbone…As so often in the USA, the average American is constructed as both working man and hero; Carbone is both a working police officer and the subject of the book. Rachlin followed Carbone and his fellow detectives for several years to collect material, enjoying almost unlimited access to police procedure, crime scenes and the detective's personal life. The details build a realistic picture of his life and work, at times horribly realistic. And the result is a readable, honest account which at times glamorises but never dehumanises the realities of life in the crime-ridden area of East New York.” --The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)

“This book has been described as “a formidable case for the people’s debt to the NYPD’ and was written after Rachlin followed its subject, Detective David Carbone, into the squad room, crime scenes, canvasses, emergency rooms, courtrooms and interrogation rooms. A non-fiction novel in the most gritty tradition.” --The Daily Telegraph Mirror

“So rich with insider information, you’ll hope criminals aren’t taking notes.”
--Entertainment Weekly



The Making of a Cop

Published in hardcover (ISBN 0-671-66525-1) and paperback (ISBN 0-671-74740-1) by Pocket Books/Simon and Schuster in 1991, 302 pages

  • New York Public Library “Book for the Teen-Age”
  • Author appearances on the national television shows The Sally Jessy Raphael Show and Nine Broadcast Plaza, as well as local TV and radio shows as part of an author promotional tour to New York, Boston, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Houston, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle
  • Optioned for motion picture by Longbow Productions, producer of A League of Their Own starring Madonna, Tom Hanks, and Geena Davis

The Making of a Cop presents a realistic look at a supremely difficult job.”
--Publishers Weekly

“Very informative and engrossing.”
--Library Journal

“Gripping . . . Rachlin follows a rainbow of recruits of both sexes through their paces . . . an impressive account.”
--Kirkus Reviews

“Rachlin got a firsthand look at how five and a half months of extensive training transforms ‘run-of-the-mill civilians’ into members of New York’s Finest . . . We see how greatly actual police procedures and situations differ from those portrayed on television and in films. As readers vicariously walk the beat with new graduates, some will tingle with excitement.”
--Associated Press

“A good read . . . The Making of a Cop has much to say that is interesting about fighting crime in New York City and therefore about one of the predicaments of modern urban life . . . Finally, we feel a sense of connection to real, breathing individuals on the line . . .”
--Boston Globe

“A thorough, sincere, informative account.”
--Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Making of a Cop is an accurate account of the rigorous discipline and intensive instruction in the police academy and of how that teaching changes the lives of the young men and women who will soon be out there on the streets.”
--Mark Baker, author of Cop

“Harvey Rachlin’s The Making of a Cop is a simply written but fascinating account of how, during a six-month training course, average citizens (that is to say, men and women with no criminal record and no overt psychological disorders) are converted into dedicated policemen and –women…The drama of this day-to-day account is based on the very lack of drama involved in the gradual transformation and toughening of these recruits. This book provides a well written and rare glimpse into the relatively unknown world of police work.” --The Jerusalem Post

“A hard look inside the life of cops -- The Making of a Cop takes away the mystery of what happens at police academies.”
--Staten Island Advance

The TV and Movie Business
An Encyclopedia of Careers, Technologies, and Practices

Published in hardcover by Harmony/Crown Books in 1991 (ISBN 517-575787), 343 pages

  • A selection of the Fireside Theater Book Club

The TV & Movie Business is a concise and well organized guide to the inner workings of the entertainment world. I wish I would have had access to a book such as this one when I began my acting career. It provides some wonderful short cuts!”
--Barbara Eden

“[This] book gives me an informative overview of the entertainment business. I learned a lot!”
--Estelle Getty

“No matter how much we know about this business there are many areas we don’t know about, and this book fills in those voids.”
--Samuel Z. Arkoff, producer of I Was a Teenage Werewolf, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and Dressed to Kill

“An extensive survey of careers, technologies and practices.”
--Back Stage

“This encyclopedia covers every aspect from the concept of a project to the technologies of the celluloid world to finished products and distribution.”

“Packed full of fascinating tidbits and trivia.”

“The detailed entries offer insights into all areas of the movie and TV business.”
--Journalism Quarterly

--The Dorchester Argus-Citizen

The Song Writer’s Workshop

Audiocassette tape-and-book package published by Writer’s Digest Books in 1991, 96 pages plus two cassettes (ISBN 0-89879-452-8)

  • Harvey Rachlin was the editor of this book-and-tape package.
  • There were four contributors including singer-songwriter Janis Ian
  • A selection of the Writer’s Digest Book Club

The Songwriter's and Musician's Guide to Making Great Demos

Published in paperback by Writer’s Digest Books in 1988, 122 pages (ISBN 0-89879-305X)

  • New York Public Library “Book for the Teen-Age”
  • Published in the United Kingdom by Omnibus Press

“[This] book . . ., to get right to the point, is super. It is a must for those who are serious about giving exposure to their music!”
--Henry Mancini

“If you’re ready to make your demo and are confused about the process, this is an excellent place to start.”
--Guitar Player

“A good starting place for a musician or songwriter who is getting ready to join the tough competitive world of, hopefully, successfully recorded music.”

“A good book for the musician who is just starting a home studio or experimenting with MIDI or multitrack.”
--Musical Merchandise Review

“Rachlin’s well-conceived manual offers suggestions and guidelines for songwriters who want to make a demonstration tape of their newest creation.”

The Kennedys
A Chronological History: 1823-Present

Published in hardcover by World Almanac in 1986 (ISBN 0-345-33729-8), 368 pages

  • Lead book of publisher’s Fall List, with over 100 rare Kennedy photographs
  • Author appearances in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

“Wonderful, stimulating reading about the Kennedy saga and the family’s impact on American history.”
--Gerald R. Ford, Thirty-Eighth President of the United States

“If you’re looking for pure fact and plenty of it your choice should be The Kennedys, A Chronological History by Harvey Rachlin. A fascinating collection!”
--Dave Powers, Special Assistant to President John F. Kennedy, Curator of the John F. Kennedy Library, and co-author of Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye: Memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

“This is literally an encyclopedia organized by date of America’s Royal Family.”
--New York Daily News

“Both a reference work and a browser’s book. This is for those who want their facts quickly, as well as for those who wish to delve into the entire history of the Kennedys. This comprehensive almanac is a fascinating chronicle of the Kennedys’ personal, public and historical influence on both America and the world.”
--The Monitor (McAllen, Texas)


The Money Encyclopedia

The Comprehensive Resource of Information on Personal Finance, Business Practices, and the Worldwide Economic System

Published in hardcover by Harper & Row in 1984, 669 pages (ISBN 0-06-181711-2)

  • Harvey Rachlin was the editor of this book, and also a contributor
  • Outstanding Financial Reference Book of the Year -- Library Journal
  • Encyclopedia Britannica Home Library Selection

"One of the Nine Essential Books for the Library Every Investor Needs"
--Money Magazine

“Here complete in one volume is a comprehensive resource of information on personal finance, business practices, and the worldwide economic system.”
--Los Angeles Herald Examiner

“It can be your personal money advisor, on call 24 hours a day -- and far cheaper than advice by the hour.”
--The Monitor (McAllen, Texas)

“Vast amount of information stuffed into this one.”
--Copley News Service

“A straightforward, factual approach to everything of concern in the financial world.”
--Self-Help: 1400 Best Books on Personal Growth

“A ready source of practical information on all aspects of money.”

“An up-to-date, practical, and authoritative work.”
--Library Journal

“Covers anything and everything that has to do with money.”
--The Los Angeles Times Book Review

The Encyclopedia of the Music Business

Published in hardcover by Harper & Row in 1981, 524 pages (ISBN 0-06-014913-2)

  • Winner of the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award for “Outstanding Music Journalism”
  • Outstanding Music Reference Book of the Year -- American Library Association
  • Special Selection of the Writer's Digest Book Club
  • Included in the Selected Bibliography for Musicians of the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress
  • Recommended by Henry Mancini on behalf of CBS Television and the Library of Congress on the 1984 internationally-televised Grammy Awards
  • Feature articles about author in The New York Times and Pro-Music/Good Times

“This is a book I’ve found very helpful, and I highly recommend it!”
--Elton John

“It’s a staggering work! I’m amazed that someone, anyone, would take the time and interests to put together such a thorough compilation. It should probably be in the time capsule, because it surely contains all the information anyone could want to know about the ‘behind-the-scenes,’ technical and statistical side of the music industry.”
--Pat Boone

“At long last a comprehensive reference book on the business of music. This encyclopedia should probably be most valuable to professionals, and non-professionals as well. The book clarifies the practical aspects of the art of music, and serves as an aid to a better understanding of the world of music as it exists and functions in its many facets.”
--Morton Gould

“Harvey Rachlin’s book is an invaluable guide to everything you wanted to know about the business of music and didn’t know who to ask. It should be on the reference shelf of professional and amateur alike.”
--Johnny Mathis

“This new Encyclopedia of the Music Business is a valuable addition to the literature of music from the business angle. It fills a need both for the professional musician and the general public. It is intelligently put together and the subject matter thoroughly explored.”
--Aaron Copland

“Rachlin’s compilation is all-encompassing, explaining every term imaginable pertaining to the trade side of music.”

“An impressive, extremely comprehensive reference work . . . Rachlin writes in a straightforward style that makes even the most complex entry easy to grasp.”
--Robert Hilburn, The Los Angeles Times Book Review

“This book will surely become the bible for the entire music industry.”
--The Writer’s Digest Book Club Bulletin

“This 524 page book contains a vast amount of information on one of our major industries.”
--Brooklyn Daily Bulletin

“In The Encyclopedia of the Music Business, Harvey Rachlin expertly defines over 450 terms and phrases current in the multibillion industry.”
--Back Stage

“Over 450 entries on most of the legal and historical issues of concern to the professional musician who is working in the field today.”
--Library Journal

“From the quick glance I’ve had at the book so far, it looks as though I might finally be able to learn something about this screwy business we are in -- at long last!”
--Gerry Mulligan

“A good comprehensive reference tome.”

“A complete reference work making the legally-oriented music business accessible . . . The book is an important, worthy addition to the shelf of anyone seriously interested in the music business.”
--Popular Music & Society

“Comprehensive and convenient to use.”
--American Reference Books Annual

The Songwriter's Handbook

Published in hardcover by Funk and Wagnalls in 1977 (ISBN 0-308-10321-1), 172 pages

  • Foreword by Sammy Cahn
  • New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age
  • Author television appearances on the Dinah Shore and Joe Franklin shows

Praise from these Academy Award-winning songwriters (on the back cover):

“A book that answers many of the questions the aspiring songwriter needs to know; an important and necessary reference guide.”
--Burt Bacharach

“I sincerely believe this book will be highly useful and most informative not only to the amateur but to the professional as well. Read it! Study it! Learn it! It may well get you to where you are going, and much, much faster! My ‘cahn-gratulations.’”
--Sammy Cahn

The Songwriter’s Handbook is encyclopedic in the information it covers. I wish I had this book when I started to write.”
--Marvin Hamlisch

“[This] is one of the most comprehensive books on the subject yet. It’s a must for every amateur songwriter and a welcome handy reference for the professional.”
--Henry Mancini

“Harvey Rachlin’s book has just about everything a songwriter needs.”
--Richard Rodgers

“This book is genuinely important to [the songwriter’s] future in learning the whys and hows of the songwriting world.”
--Jule Styne

“Contained are crisply-written sections on virtually all phases of writing . . . The Songwriter’s Handbook just about lives up to its subtitle “Everything a Songwriter Needs to Know.”

“The author has a clear, simple style that YA’s [young adults] will find easy to follow.”

“If you’re seriously into songwriting . . . then you’ll want to pick up The Songwriter’s Handbook by Harvey Rachlin . . . It will . . . hip you into all the ins and outs of getting your original compositions published, recorded, and, with any luck, onto the charts.”
--The Good Times

“Unlike a great many music biz “how to make it” treatises, The Songwriter’s Handbook by Harvey Rachlin pretty much tells it like it is . . . This is . . . certainly the most comprehensive book on the business available to songwriters today.”
--High Fidelity

The Songwriter’s Handbook by Harvey Rachlin contains a good deal of basic information, and could be quite useful to the beginner since it touches almost all the bases.”
--ASCAP Today

“A book that is straightforward and thorough in its explanations . . . The book can be valuable to both amateur and professional songwriters according to Sammy Cahn, and after four Academy Awards for songwriting, he should know.”
--The Instrumentalist

“There are several books on the market about songwriting, but the one we like best is called The Songwriter’s Handbook . . . It will answer most, if not all, of your questions about getting started with that first song.”
--Sheet Music Magazine

The Songwriter’s Handbook by Harvey Rachlin covers every aspect of the music business as it relates to the songwriter.”
--Musical Merchandise Review

“If there’s a song in your heart, but it never occurred to you how to get paid for it (and now it does), take a peek at The Songwriter’s Handbook.”
--The New York Post

“If you want to write the songs that make the whole world sing, don’t miss this great guide that tells the novice everything from how to get a song recorded, to making demos, to finding ideas for lyrics and melodies.”
--Teen Beat

“Just about all you could possibly know about the subject is contained in the newly published The Songwriter’s Handbook.”
--Nashville Banner

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